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Ghost Academy is a social enterprise that works with and alongside vulnerable people, supporting them to achieve qualifications, obtain practical skills, learn new personal strategies, improve self-esteem and establish pathways to become productive and positive members of their community.

The Academy’s learners are amongst the hardest to reach and work with. Typically, they are disenfranchised and distanced from the employment market and achieving general well-being, due to issues related to education, health and personal circumstances. They are often excluded from, or unaware of, support available in their communities.

Often the women that Ghost Academy works with have a complicated range of issues and challenges, including: A history of offending; lifestyle and life chances affected by alcohol and drug use; domestic violence / intimate personal violence (IPV); physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse; and, often, physical and mental health illness. Whilst there are a range of services available to support these women, they are fragmented, difficult to access and frequently delivered in a way that fails to engage effectively.

Ghost Academy provides these women with a practical and engaging alternative to traditional support and FE routes; Ghost draws together a suite of services to help its women deal with related issues. It provides structure and meaning to the women students’ lives, in a supportive and caring environment.

Ghost Academy has a strong emphasis on multi-agency partnership working and a holistic approach to working with this vulnerable group of women.Ghost work with the whole-person, supporting its women in all areas of their lives, building their self-esteem and empowering them to make positive changes.This personally-tailored support enables women to problem solve, build resilience and find ways to support each other. Even after the first couple of weeks of engagement with the programme, many of them report that they cannot believe the positive change in their lives.


"As good as it’s training is, Ghost Academy’s programme is not merely a hairdressing course; it is a lifeline for women who felt that they had limited scope or hope for the future, few if any opportunities, or a useful role in society."


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